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Call for SAE Aerospace Awards – Nomination Deadline October 1st

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Steven M. Atkins Ability and Achievement in Science, Engineering and Technology (AASET) Award – Honor an individual with disabilities, who through their technical achievements, innovation, leadership and inspiration, have contributed to the aerospace industry.

Cliff Garrett Turbomachinery Engineering Award – The recipient of this award will be a distinguished authority in the field of turbomachinery and/or engineering related to creating, enabling, or advancing applications of turbomachinery in power systems, on-highway, off-highway, aircraft, and/or spacecraft uses.

Clarence L. (Kelly) Johnson Aerospace Vehicle Design and Development Award – This award will honor the distinguished career of an individual who has made significant contributions in the innovative design and development of advanced aircraft and/or spacecraft.   Key criteria is the technical value and originality of the contributions.

Franklin W. Kolk Air Transportation Progress Award – Recognize an individual for their unique and outstanding contributions to air transportation and/or to the work of the aerospace technical committees in developing aerospace standards, specifications, technical reports, and data through cooperative research.

William Littlewood Memorial Lecture – Together, SAE and AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) honor an accomplished individual whose distinguished career has made a significant contribution in the field of civil air transportation.  The recipient of this award will present a lecturer and author a technical paper primarily focused on the technical value and originality of their contributions as they have expanded civil air transportation.

Marvin Whitlock Award – One individual will be honored for their outstanding management accomplishment(s) which has resulted in superior aviation maintenance integrity of airline, fixed base, corporate or military aircraft operations.